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The Governor

The Governor performs his mechanical functions through the Nexus City Governor Control program. This program allows for signing bills, creating executive policies and nominating judges.

The Governor is elected every two weeks.

Vetoing Bills

The Governor is responsible for vetoing bills that he does not agree with which the Nexus City Council passes, including new taxes and laws.

Veto Control.png

Executive Policy

The Governor can create and publish orders called "executive policies."

Executive Policy.png

Nominating Judges

The Governor is responsible for nominating all of the judges of Nexus City, subject to approval or disapproval of the City Council.

Nominate Judge.png

The City Council

The City Councilors perform their mechanical functions through the Nexus City Council Control program. All laws are sponsored by a single councilor and voted on by the entire council. Councilors can either vote Yea, Nay or issue no vote at all.

The City Council is composed of five councilors elected every two weeks.


The City Council can create flat or progressive income and corporation taxes subject to veto by the Governor. There are a maximum of four tax brackets. Progressive tax rate is based on the total amount of money within a personal or business account.

New Tax.png


The City Council can create laws that do change taxes or remove a judge in two categories, civil law and criminal law.

New Law.png

Approving Judges

The City Council can vote to accept or reject the nomination of judges by the Governor.

Removing Judges

The City Council can vote to remove judges of Nexus City.

The Judges

Judges of Nexus City perform their mechanical functions through the Nexus City Judge Controls program. Judges can create trials, issue verdicts and adjust citizenship.


Judges can set the month, day and hour of trials. Judges are also responsible for setting the defendants and plaintiffs of a case.

Schedule Trial.png


Judges can issue and publish verdicts for any trial they preside over.


Judges can change the citizenship status to three settings by issuing a verdict. Citizens are full citizens of Nexus City will full rights, residents are permanent residents of Nexus City with reduced rights, prisoners receive no rights.


Elections are managed through the Nexus City Elections and Nominations program. Elections are weekly, and elections to the Council and to the Governorship rotate every week, meaning the term for a Councilor and Governor are both two weeks but do not end on the same week.

Elections last for a period of 12 hours, between 10:00AM and 10:00PM on Saturdays.

To enter an election, you must pay a fee of 500 Centera and enter a candidacy description which can be a maximum of 300 characters.