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These are our rules. Their purpose is to maintain player immersion and enjoyment in our Heavy Roleplay environment. If you have additional questions about the rules, or just want to make sure that you or someone else isn't breaking them, then feel free to contact a staff member via adminhelp (F1 key) or another official channel.

Server Rules

These rules serve to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for our players, in accordance with our basic principles as a roleplay-oriented server. If you notice someone breaking these rules, please report it to the staff via adminhelp or by lodging a forum complaint.

0. The Reasoning of the Rules is More Important than the Rules Themselves.

0.1 Using the specific wording of the rules to get around them or to punish someone else is still against the rules. 0.2 Our intention with these rules is to make sure everyone is having fun, that immersion is kept intact, and that the reason behind the rule is upheld. All rulings should reflect this.

1. Don't be Malicious Towards Others.

1.1 You're here to have fun, but doing so at the expense of other players isn't acceptable. There will be winners and losers IC. While it's natural to be upset about this, don't let your anger spread through OOC channels unless you believe a rule has been broken.
1.2 Don't be overly offensive. Using slurs is against the rules. It is a sensitive topic to most. Please refrain.
1.3 Spamming OOC or IC channels.
1.4 Griefing: Any IC destruction or conflict without proper cause, reason or escalation. Especially actions made to harass someone without IC motivation
1.5 Personal Targeting - complaining excessively OOCly about other players IC actions after the Admins are already aware of the incident. This is not defined as ranting. This is defined as week long “What the Hells.” It's okay if X blew up your bar and you are upset about it. Don't insult their mother and start a flame war in OOC.
1.6 While you should not feel limited in your interactions with other players you must have proper progression/escalation for conflict to be allowed, still consider how that interaction will affect the gameplay experience of other players.

2. Listen to the Members of Staff

2.1 If you disagree with a staff ruling, bring it up with the staff member, a head staff member, or via official complaint. If the ruling is made during or as a consequence of IC conflict, wait for the immediate conflict to be resolved before appealing.
2.2 We understand that by nature of Persistent Gameplay, staff rulings often have long term consequences regardless of the presence of punitive action. If a ruling is overturned, the staff will work with involved players to right any mishandled IC consequences if deemed necessary.
2.3 If a staff member is blatantly abusing this rule, then we urge you to contact a head staff member immediately, or if necessary, file an official complaint.
2.4 You should not be overtly disrespectful to staff such as name calling.

3. Do not use OOC information In-Character or discuss IC events in OOC at specific timings.

3.1 When in-game, only use knowledge your character would reasonably know.
3.2 Don't talk about in-game events via any of the OOC channels if doing so would provide an advantage to another player. Unless, the event has already occurred and wouldn't affect the current gameplay.
3.3 OOC channels include LOOC, AOOC, and third-party programs such as the discord servers, as well as the BYOND pager, or any other means of communicating information out-of-character.
3.4 Due to the long lasting-ness of persistence, limited discussion is allowed but do not make all of your plans in OOC, however backgrounds are allowed (siblings, marriages..etc). This is especially acceptable during several month long server down times.
3.5 Don't twitch stream at all. Don't upload a YouTube video without at least a week passing by between now and when the video was recorded.

4. Adult Content is Forbidden.

4.1 Posting any adult content on any official channel via text, image, or link is strictly forbidden. In all Persistence Station 13 areas including discord, main server.
4.2 Adult content also includes erotic roleplaying (ERP), as well as going AFK to ERP via any OOC channels.
4.3 This includes having adult content in your ckey (BYOND username) or Discord username. Admins will talk to you

5. Use English 5.1 We are an English server, all communication should be in English.

5.2 Having a character occasionally use words from non-English languages is acceptable.

6. Don't kill irrationally.

6.1 Death is a natural and required part of story telling. However, actions that directly and intentionally lead to death should always service the story. (Context: Not enforceable, but a way of informing players what their actions should revolve around)
6.2 Personal killings, such as assassinations, should be escalated properly. If you are unsure if the murder is justified, a-help. If you are contracted or otherwise hired for a murder and are unsure if proper escalation has been carried out, ALWAYS a-help. This applies even if the killing is made under duress.
6.3 Impersonal killings, such as robbery, must grant the duressed an opportunity to respond or accept the demands before the threat is carried out. Use only the force necessary for your demands to be met. If you are unsure if your actions are justified or if you believe an explanation is required, a-help. Regardless of outcome, avoid doing this to excess. Refer to rule 1.
6.4 Never commit suicide without direct admin permission. This could affect other peoples gameplay, so talk to us.
6.5 Killings made in the heat of the moment or in self defense do not require personal escalation. Response should be proportional, however - don't shoot someone to death for punching you unless your character's life is in danger. If you believe an explanation is required, a-help.
6.6 ALWAYS a-help prior to hiding a lace or otherwise attempting to prevent a player's revival.
6.7 Combat in SS13 is a finicky thing, and death often results from unclear circumstances. If you have killed someone unintentionally, a-help.

7. Don't Powergame.

7.1 Don't play to win, play as your character.
7.2 Do not exploit bugs or mechanics in order to gain an advantage. If you see a bug, please report it.
7.3 Do not play a character with an unreasonably vast set of skills. This includes being a 20 year old genius.
7.4 Do not prepare in advance for a situation that you could not know about in-character.
7.5 Do not combat log. (logging out in the middle of combat)

8. Don't Mess with SSD Characters

8.1 If a player is AFK or disconnected, then don't mess with them without direct permission from an admin or moderator.
8.2 If a disconnected player has vital equipment on their character, you are allowed to remove it with staff permission.
8.3 You are allowed to move a disconnected player to cryo without staff permission.
8.4 If a player is disconnected, their character will be asleep and unresponsive; in-character, this is called SSD or sudden sleep disorder.

9. Don't Multi-key or Ban-Evade.

9.1 Do not log onto the server with multiple BYOND accounts.

10. Admin-shopping is Forbidden.

10.1 When an admin makes a ruling on an issue, do not attempt to have the ruling overturned by another admin. The admins are a team and discuss rulings together.
10.2 Admin rulings are final. If you feel that a ruling conflicts with the rules, contact a head staff or file a complaint. If you get Perma banned feel free to fill out an appeal!! The admin team will vote on the appeal and if you get unbanned or not you will be contacted by a staff member or a head staff.

11. Don't Advertise.

11.1 Advertising on official Persistent Station channels is strictly prohibited without permission from the moderation team.
11.2 This includes, but is not limited to: advertising a discord server, SS13 server, product, service, website, or youtube/twitch channel.

(Also to all you who "didn't read the rules" yet decide to just jump in.. if you get caught breaking them.. you will be judged as if you read them.. so its in your best interest to at least look!)

Staff Rules

These rules serve to maintain staff discipline and encourage staff to work with the players to ensure that the game remains enjoyable for everyone. If you see a staff member breaking or abusing these rules, report it to a head staffmember or create an official complaint. Head staffmembers and the head administrator are permitted to provide exemptions to the rules. However, they are to be held personally accountable for the results of those exemptions.

1. Respect the Server and Character Rules

1.1 The staff team is not exempt from any of the rules under normal circumstances.
1.2 Staff are held to a far higher standard than players as representatives of the server and should follow all of the rules they enforce to the best of their ability.

2. Remain professional

2.1 As a staff member, your actions and words often affect community perception of the entire staff team.
2.2 Bantering or having fun isn't strictly prohibited, but maintain a degree of professionalism and respect both towards players as well as staff.
2.3 Remember that your actions represent the server.

3. Do not abuse staff powers for IC advantages

3.1 Abusing your powers to gain an advantage over other players is unacceptable.
3.2 Never act on knowledge gained via staff powers.
3.3 Never use staff powers to directly give yourself an advantage.
3.4 Events, respawns, and fixing bugs are the exceptions to this rule.

4. Respect player and staff confidentiality

4.1 Player notes, discussions about bans, player behavior, staff behavior, or any other topics of a sensitive nature should be confined to staff channels.
4.2 The exception is if you are given direct permission by a Head staffmember to discuss them outside of those channels.

5. Perform your job

5.1 Perform the job assigned to you as a staff member.
5.2 Maintain a level of activity that allows you to perform your job as a staff member.

6. Respect staff policy

6.1 There may be additional staff policies on the forums, which are not explicitly part of the rules, including things such as event guidelines.
6.2 These policies are to be followed by all relevant staff to the best of their abilities.
6.3 These policies are to be treated with the same regard as rules but do not override the rules.