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  • GlovesInsulated.png Insulated gloves - Hackables have power lines, and cutting/pulsing these without gloves can harm you.
  • Screwdriver.png Screwdriver - For opening up panels and the like.
  • Wirecutters.png Wirecutters - For cutting and mending wires.
  • IconHacking.png Multitool - For pulsing wires.
  • Crowbar.png Crowbar - For prying the door open once you've hacked it.
  • WelderMedium.gif Welding Tool - For slicing through walls or welding doors shut.
  • CableCoils.png Cable Coil - For extending the power grid or building various machines.
  • Wrench.png Wrench - For wrenching down lockers and machines, or used at various steps in construction.

Medicals Objects

  • Healthanalyzer.png Thehealth analyzer is the medic's best friend.
  • Syringes.png Syringe
  • Traumakit.png Advanced Trauma Kit
  • Bpack.png Gauze/Bruise Pack
  • Burnkit.png Advanced Burn Kit
  • Oint.png Ointment
  • AutoinjectorGreen.png AutoInjector