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Note: The Lore is all still a WIP, however, this place is reserved for only approved lore. Instead use your User Sandbox to create and format lore.

General Lore




The Balance



Characterized by their fleshy composition and resulting fragility, humans tend to form groups for self-defence and a sense of belonging which results in multiple at-odds factions of this species existing across the galaxy.


Composed of mostly humans, phorosians are a group diseased humanoids caused by the long-term effects of sustained phoron exposure.


A technologically advanced amphibious alien species.


Unathi are tall reptilian-like humanoid creatures whose society, known as "The Coalition," is composed of multiple nation-states and large businesses.


A civilization comprised of multiple castes of Vox, Vox encountered on the frontier are most commonly from the labor caste Vox Primalis, bought from their mysterious creators in exchange for resources.


Integrated Positronic Chassis, IPCs are a species of slaved synthetics created by Humans for supplementing the backbone of the imperial SolGov, and their vast growing bureaucratic empire.

Unslaved IPCs are a rare sight to behold, but common.

Lore Factions

Sol Central Government

The Sol Central Government is a human federal interstellar state with political power centered on its political and cultural capital Earth.

The Terran Federation

The Terran Federation is a human democratic federation of colonial planets based on the planet Agartha.

Beta Quadrant (Current)


The Beta Quadrant is located in the Frontier.


None - Coming Soon!


Main Article: History

None - Coming Soon!

Alpha Quadrant (2018)


The Alpha Quadrant is located on the Frontier.


Argus Incorporated

Buske Industries


Frontier Defense Coalition



Shell Incorporated


Main Article: History

This quadrant of the Frontier was partially colonized by NanoTrasen. Mere months after sending multiple 'colonists' (many of which were thugs, criminals, and sociopaths) to one of their stations on the Frontier, the Vignette, NanoTrasen lost control of the Bluespace Beacon present on the station to the colonists, who now called themselves the Frontier Defense Coalition (FDC). The Bluespace Beacon allowed anyone in its control to bluespace (teleport) individuals to the Frontier and was initially used to bring all the former colonists to the Vignette. By losing the Bluespace beacon NT had effectively lost control of the station.

In order to regain control of the station NT sent agents to place bugs throughout the Vignette and carry out numerous assassination attempts on high-profile colonists. The FDC was formed shortly after and as a direct response to the announcement of NanoTrasen's intentions to capture their most wanted criminal, the leader of Panthus and owner of Maystation, Victor Purple. Approximately three months after these attempts, NT opted to recover the beacon to bluespace in reinforcements and forcefully take over the station. To this end they sent eight agents in an NT cruiser. This plan failed, ultimately leaving the cruiser along with the resources and cryo storage to navigate further into the Frontier in control of the FDC. The FDC used this cruiser to travel deeper into the Frontier, leaving the Vignette - and presumably NT - behind.

The cruiser arrived in the Beta Quadrant some time later.