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Business Creation


General Information & Tips

Before starting a business, it is recommended that you read the wiki page on Business. You will need to pay between 350 and 500 credits to start a business depending on the type and specialization you choose. This amount is an 'incorporation fee' and will not be added to the business' account after it is paid. Though this fee is cheap, it is recommended that you plan out your business strategy and determine how much investment you require into space, construction, staff, etc. before you start a business and add that amount to the business account through stock contracts.

Type & Specialization

Different businesses are locked to different equipment and research capabilities; most of these effects are described on the 'create a new business' dialog. Though you can level up your business to increase your benefits, businesses types and specializations cannot be changed once selected. Because of this it is important that you choose a business type and specialization that fit with your idea from the start.

Unique Identifier (UID)

Business UIDs are generally public as they shown in contracts, invoices, and networks; however, they are not shown on employee IDs. Because of this, it is possible to maintain your business' UID a secret by only transacting with certain other businesses or players and restricting the availability of computers with business network access to trusted individuals.

Display Name

This is the name of your business. As 'display name' implies this name is for display purposes only, meaning it is only used in relation to RP, such as by displaying it prominently on invoices. This name can be changed at any time. This is because for anything related to mechanics and organization, such as access control or employee management, the business UID is used.

Starting CEO & CEO Salary

Here you can select who the initial Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the business will be. The CEO can be yourself or anyone else regardless of their stake in the business. As is evident by the name, the CEO is in charge of all the managerial aspects of the business.

You can choose to repay the CEO through a salary, dividends from the shift profits, both, or none. The form and amount of payment to the CEO can be changed at any time after registration.

Stocks & Investors

In this section you can print investment contracts to divide your business between yourself and your co-investors. If you plan to fully fund your business as sole owner you can print a single contract, selecting the amount of credits you are willing to put into the business account (of which the business fee will be taken out), and 100 stocks. If you cannot fully fund your business you will need to find other players to invest in your business with you. How much investment you receive and what percentage of your business you give in exchange comes down to your negotiation skills.

The status bar below represents how much of the minimum funding - the incorporation fee - has been met.

- A full green bar means that investment contract(s) have been printed and signed for, and the contract(s) cover at least the incorporation fee.
- A full or partially yellow bar means that investment contract(s) have been printed but not yet signed for, meaning funding for the incorporation fee has not yet been secured.
- A full or partially red bar means that investment contract(s) have been printed and cancelled, meaning that funding for the incorporation fee has not yet been secured and new contract(s) must be printed in order to continue the registration.

Below that the total amount of funding and stocks distributed is displayed. In order to finalize the registration, the funding must meet the minimum displayed and 100% of the stocks must be allocated. Any commitment/cost above the minimum will automatically be added to the business' account upon registration.

Business Management

[Coming Soon!]