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This is a glossary of terminology specific to Persistent Station. While these terms may have other meanings on other servers and elsewhere, here they have unique definitions relevant only to Persistent Station. This is intended mainly for those already familiar with SS13 who might otherwise find these terms confusing. If you're working on the wiki, please define these terms fully in the other guides as well.

In Persistent Station the AI is admin controlled and acts as the ultimate power aboard Nexus station. Its primary role is as a check against tyrannical governments acting outside their legal mandate and to protect the station. The AI may have other unknown motivations and objective that will be revealed in time. Its core is located on deck 1 of Nexus station in a maximum security zone.

Alpha Quadrant
An area of the frontier where the events of the previous map cycle took place. Notable locations included Vignette Station, May Station, Cythos Station, Argus Station, Shell Station, and others. A single ship of refugees from this area journeyed to the Beta Quadrant after the events of the NT-FDC war.

Beta Quadrant
The area of the frontier centered around Nexus Station that extends for many z-levels in all directions through which the dangers become progressively more hazardous. All the events of the current map cycle take place in this area.

"Bluespace Anomalies"
Slang used to refer to the effects of server bugs without breaking character. Not to be confused with Bluespace as a concept in the background lore and technology. It is generally considered good practice to follow up with a LOOC message explaining the situation for those who are unfamiliar with this term. Please a-help the issue if its game-breaking, for minor bugs please submit a report on the bug-tracker. ( It is considered poor form the refer to admins working on an issue as "bluespace technicians" as this can be confusing for many players.

Cryo sleep in persistent station is the primary means of saving and securing your character upon logging off. There multiple cryo-bays on each level of Nexus station, when entering a cryo-sleeper your location will be saved and upon logging in again you will exit from the same sleeper or one nearby. While there are rules the prevent the looting and griefing of SSD characters it is generally recommended to enter cryo-sleep to prevent accidental death.

In Persistent Station much of the production of goods occurs via machines known as Fabricators. Similar to auto-lathes but more specialized, businesses can build these to produce a specific selection of goods depending on their business tech level. Examples include the Autotailor, EVA Fabricator, and the Weapons Fabricator.

The Frontier is a pocket of space that is spatially isolated from the rest of the galaxy via a bluespace anomaly (caused by phoron, bluespace and the anomalies within the frontier). From the outside (from the perspective outside the frontier) it appears as a black hole without a gravitational pull. The nature of the bluespace anomaly is that it stresses consciousness (to the point of death). It is easier to enter the frontier than it is to exit in most cases, but a neural lace or cortical stack is still required to survive the journey. This is the area of space where all the events of Persistent station take place. News and information from within the Frontier rarely ever filters back out.

Frontier Beacon
This is the device through which all new players spawn when joining for the first time. In lore it teleports characters from the other area's of the known universe to the frontier zone in which the events of the game take place.

An invoice is the single most common method of exchanging currency in Persistent Station. Both individuals and businesses may print invoices to receive money in exchange for goods and services. Money will then be deposited in the respective personal or business account and taxed accordingly.Edit after launch to better reflect new invoice mechanics.

In Persistent Station, every non-event character begins the game with a Neural Lace. This device preserves the character's consciousness and allows them to survive death and regain their body via cloning. Laces are made of a neigh indestructible material, however lace-death can happen under special circumstances. After a period of time, a character in lace-form will teleport back to the Lace Storage Unit where it can be more easily retrieved by medical professionals. Laces also manage everything from financial transactions, voting in elections, personal messages, and various other authentication tasks for the individual. Laces are subject to special rules to prevent griefing, specifically rule 6.6, "ALWAYS a-help prior to hiding a lace or otherwise attempting to prevent a player's revival.". Neural lace technology does not exist outside the Frontier, nor any other lace-related technologies like cyborgs, cloning, etc.

Similar to plasma on other SS13 servers, this material is used in the creation of various items and is highly flammable. In Persistent Station lore, Phoron powers many advanced technologies and is responsible for various strange phenomena. The Phorosians "species" originated from humans who acquired a disease called Phoron Restructurant Syndrome after repeated exposure to Phoron.